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06 June, 2010

Dillon's Restaurant - Peoria, AZ

So I stumbled upon this place because a girl I work with said they "have an AWESOME prickly peach salad."

I had never heard of the place and did not know what to expect at all. I was 100% caught by surprised when I learned it was a BBQ place. I had no idea until I saw the menu actually. Which brings us to a point I made in my Provo BBQ post - if you don't smell the smoke, don't bother stopping in.

That said, I wasn't there for myself. I was picking up lunch on the way to work. So I was stuck no matter what I smelled or didn't smell.

I only made it as far as the bar since my order was going to be to go. On the menu, I was surprised to see the BBQ traditionals - pulled pork, brisket, ribs, etc. But one thing caught my eye and no-smoke-smelling be damned...I was going to try it. It was the burnt ends brisket. The fact that it was actually on the menu sort of made it a no-brainer. Then it was also noted "when available" or something. So I asked, and she said it I got it.

Was I disappointed? Well, no. And yes. I know. I ramble but lemme 'splain.

If you've ever had burnt ends at saaaay, the Salt Lick in TX, then you know what I'm talking about. Ever piece is perfectly charred and loaded with flavor. Not burnt flavor, but the fullly loaded pieces jam packed with their rub/spices. This was far from the case. Granted, they may have just gotten my order wrong and thought I just ordered brisket and not the burnt ends brisket. To me, it was a regular order. Some end pieces...most that were not. it wasn't burnt ends...but was it good? I'll say it was moist and tender but I really couldn't taste any smokey goodness. I don't know how they cook it but I felt it was just "oven" smoked or whatever the hell that's called. I don't know cuz I'd never do it. My smoking takes place in ONE place and one place only - my pit. And all my neighbors know when I'm doing it.

I think this place deserves a second shot if only to recon the joint and see what and how they are actually cooking their meats. I'm not 100% I'll actually make it out there, but if I do, I'll post an update whether positive or negative.

I can't give it my thumbs up but also wouldn't classify it in the Provo category.f

Oh yea...I had the mac-n-cheese which looked home made. Definitely NOT kraft. And I digged that the mashed taters had two gravy options - brown and white. I don't think I've seen that around too much.