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22 October, 2009

Lon's Cookin' Shack, Provo, UT

Where to start with these...

Well, I guess I should just put it this shouldn't aspire to find great BBQ in Provo, UT. No offense to any Provonians who may read this...but daaaaang; this stuff was bad. I basically got the combo and wings (just cuz I pretty much have an unwavering urge and cannot pass up trying wings at new places).

So starting with the least bad was their sauce. It was basically a hum-drum sauce. It wasn't unique tasting at all. Nothing crazy hints of oaky goodness spiked with fruity notes or anything. It was just sauce.

And unfortunately, it goes down from here. First off, EVERYTHING WAS COLD. If it didn't take so long to get it and if I didn't have a flight to catch and if I weren't already completely woulda gone back. Or actually, I probably would have just asked for my money back and headed over to KFC. Getting past cold ribs and chicken was the brisket. You might could also use the brisket as sandpaper should you be in a pinch for some sandpaper at lunch. But seriously folks, I thought that The Pits Again was my worst place for BBQ but we have a new Bottom Dog. Not only were the ribs cold but they were tough. And the "chef" didn't remove the thin membrane off the backs of the ribs which pretty much means you're taking little bites of wax paper with every gnaw.

Oh wait..there was ONE good thing. They served hush puppies and they were actually good. The "homemade" mac&cheese pretty much sucked too. One potentially cool thing could have been that they touted a sort of "sauce bar" with what looked to be a bunch of different types of sauces. If I were to ever go back there...that might be a good idea. Try a new one with a new dish. But fat chance! I'll have a better chance of singing in the next boy band with Justin Timberlake, Mike Tyson and Rod Blagojevic than ever setting foot in that place again.

And here is my other tip. If you stop at ANY barbecue joint on the planet...if you DO NOT SMELL THE SMOKE FROM ABOUT A MILE AWAY....DO NOT STOP!! For some reason, I didn't notice it on the way in. But I sure noticed it on the way out. I didn't smell a thing. Not one hint of hickory, not one waft of pecan...nothing. So there something to pass on to the next generation.

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